​​​The Author
Jefferies was a Victorian writer with a passion for the countryside and the richness of nature that he saw all around him. Jefferies' writing all revolves around nature, but through many different genres, including: journalism for various local newspapers (e.g. Swindon Advertiser, North Wiltshire Herald);
essays and articles about nature and society for a variety of publications; children's novels, Wood Magic and Bevis; philosophical offerings; and novels, such as After London.

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​​​The Museum
The museum is based in an old farm bought by the Jefferies family in 1800, where Richard Jefferies was born on 6th November 1848. 

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​​​The Trust
The Richard Jefferies Museum Trust is a charity set up to look after the museum, and make it a welcoming place for as many different people, from all different walks of life, as possible. It was set up initially by local people, who were soon joined by others with the necessary knowledge and skills to help the Trust get established. A board of Trustees oversees the work of the Trust, and we are always interested in hearing from people who would like to become Trustees.
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​​​The Society
The Richard Jefferies Society is a separate lterary group, dedicated to the life and works of Jefferies, with members all over the world. The Society is full of people with deep knowledge of everything to do with the author, and its members kept the museum alive for many years. The Society also owns many of the objects in the museum and works very closely with the Trust (most Trustees are also members of the Society). 
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