Accessibility at the Museum
Being a Victorian farm, the Museum site is not particularly accessible physically, especially for wheelchairs. However, we want to accommodate those with disabilities as much as we can, and are constantly trying to improve our facilities and services.

In our events, we will always try to include (and sometimes run specific events) for those with disabilities of all kinds, including the 'invisible' kind, such as Asperger Syndrome, or depression. Or even just the infirmities that come with age. From a practical point of view, car parking is available, and we are making changes to the gardens where possible, as well as working up plans for how we can improve access to the house and things in it, and taking on volunteers with disabilities.

If you have particular needs, please do get in touch to discuss them with us. Even if we are not able to meet those needs now, we still wan to know about them so we can work towards further improvements.