We can always use a bit of help....
The museum is run on a voluntary basis, with no regular income from anyone else. We all give our time freely because we love the museum and think it is an important and beautiful thing for Swindon. But we always need help, if you can give a little time or perhaps a little donation... every penny really is important to us!
We have masses of things going on all the time, and are always looking for people to join in and help (while enjoying themselves of course), whether it's on a regular basis or just once in a while. Below are some of things we need specific help with, but to be honest, the best bet is always to visit, get a taste of the atmosphere and meet the people who already do things here. If you think you might like to get involved, either regularly or just once, in General Volunteering, Digging for Victory or Corporate Team Building, click here for more information:
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As a registered charity, every offer is gratefully received and put to very good use, whether it is a few pence in our collection box, help with or ideas about grant funding, sponsorship, or larger donations. Have a look at our Friends (for grown ups) and Foxie Friends (for everyone else) schemes where we give a little back in return for your kindness: 
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