Past Exhibitions
Unfrequented Paths
1st to 15th June 2019
Now closed

This was the first of a new, annual open exhibition to be held
with a different theme each year. This year's theme was
'Unfrequented Paths' which took inspiration from
Richard Jefferies and the sense of his place. The artists
selected responded with inspirational ideas relating
to elements such as discovery, voyage, nature. 

This year’s guest curator was Mervyn Grist, who wrote the following introduction:

"With our growing concern for the environment and the impact of climate change on the planet, many are turning back to reconsider the work of earlier “visionaries” such as Richard Jefferies. As both writer and social historian, Jefferies well understood the complexities of our co-existence with nature.
His importance has long been undervalued and neglected and as such much of his writing could be considered “unfrequented paths”.
In his observations on the natural world around him Jefferies was both realist and idealist. Hopefully the work I have selected for this exhibition reflects these contradictions, in both imagery and execution."  


Deborah Battaglia
Bluebell Woods
Linocut and monoprint. Original print. 330mm x 430mm

Sue Bardwell
The Locarno
Collage. 510mm by 410mm

Anne Billingham
Silver Birch
Fabric collage. 280mm x 360mm

Richard Draper
Palimpsest #0753
Framed photograph. 580mm x 450mm

Lucy Furlong
After London II (Richard Jefferies on Tolworth Court Farm)
Digital print on birch wood. 300mm diameter

Jessica Goddard
To Seek the Viper
Framed drawing. 400mm x 350mm

Ian Hamson
Ebb and Flow
Wood and acrylic. 200mm x 200mm (base)

Declan Kelly
Mound Fuji: Portrait of the viewer as Muhammad’s mountain depicted as a journey between points of view
An installation response. A heap of soil in a wheelbarrow.

Mary Parsons
Richard Jefferies’ unfrequented path
Painting. 700mm x 500mm

Phyllida Richards
View from Round Hill. The slopes of Bredon Hill, Worcestershire
Wet process enamel, and steel. 130mm x 130mm

Julie Smith
Fragments in an envelope, (the sisters)
Drawing. Pencil on somerset paper. 232mm x 178mm (unframed) 

Nic Waulker
Bronze, copper and brass. Words adapted from Richard Jefferies and Nic Waulker. Miniatures from the paintings of Archibald Thorburn. 420mm x 300mm

Joe Woodland
Framed lino print. 440mm x 380mm

Joseph Wright
Floods #04
Framed limited edition c-type photograph. 500mm x 400mm

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