Poetry Swindon
Poetry Swindon welcomes all who read, perform, write, or engage in poetry in any way, and aims to enhance the life of poetry in Swindon. We’d love you to join in with us - enjoy more poetry, read more poetry, and be part of buzz that is Swindon’s poetry scene… it only exists because of you - our energized, passionate, and wonderful poetry audience​​​.

​​About us - Poetry Swindon started in September 2008 as a group dedicated to helping poetry thrive in Swindon. Originally known as BlueGate Poets, its early meetings were in the sitting room of the Richard Jefferies Museum, with the name and logo inspired by the little arched gate of the old farm house. It seems fitting that the place is now our proper home.
We are also delighted to be running the Battered Moon poetry competition again, for 2018. For full details about this year's competition, with guest judge Jacob Sam La-Rose and top prize of £700, please visit our page here.
Poetry Swindon Festival 2018
Yes, we are already well under way for this year's festival...

​Put the dates in your diary - 4th to 8th October 2018

"Swindon! Where your poems turn into films & transform museum walls, where you perform in twinkling chequerboard tents, where sunsets bleed into fat moons while bonfires crackle with song."

Ben Bransfield (Primers: Volume 2, Nine Arches Press 2017)

We have an exciting line-up of poetry events this year in Swindon and invite you to join us for workshops, readings, late-night toast, fire-side chats and song, Domestic Cherry partying, piano and soprano, poetry pub qizzing with Carrie Etter, pubishers, discussions, and all that is marvelous in the Tent-Palace of the Delicious Air at the Richard Jefferies Museum.
Clare Shaw/Kim Moore/Robin Houghton/Stephen Payne/Josephine Corcoran/Tim Liardet/Jennifer Militello/Jacob Sam La-Rose/Anna-May Laugher/Pey Pey Oh/ Philip Gross/Sarah L Dixon/Judi Sutherland/ Louisa Campbell/Peter Raynard/Richard Skinner/Susan Taylor/Simon Williams/Anna Saunders/ Carrie Etter/Sandeep Parmar/Wayne Holloway-Smith/Keith James/ Cristina Newton/Alan Summers/Jane Commane/ Claire Dyer/Poetry Primers 3!
PASSES (for the whole festival or any one day), tickets for WORKSHOPS, and tickets for EVENTS & READINGS can be purchased here. Tickets can also be bought on the door (subject to availability).

Please note, all workshops must be pre-booked here.
ASK ABOUT PAYING BY INSTALMENTS: hilda@richardjefferies.org

Resident Poets
Our resident poets for 2018 is Clare Shaw, with Kim Moore bringing workshops and readings, and Jacob Sam Le Rose as judge and performer for Battered Moons during the festival.  Carrie Etter will be back with exciting editors to discuss your publishing dreams with: Tony Frazer of Shearsman and Laurie Smith, one of Magma Poetry's founders.

Clare Shaw was born in Burnley in 1972, and her poetry finds its roots in place and an uncompromising voice. Clare was described by the Arvon Foundation as "one of the country's most dynamic young poets". She has two collections from Bloodaxe: Straight Ahead (2006), which attracted a Forward Prize Highly Commended for Best Single Poem; and Head On (2012), which is, according to the Times Literary Supplement: “fierce … memorable and visceral”. Her third collection will be published by Bloodaxe in 2018. She is also a mental health trainer, activist and author: recent publications include "Otis Doesn't Scratch: talking to young children about self-injury" (PCCS Books, 2015); and “Our Encounters with Self-Harm” (2013).

Festival Programme
The full programme for Poetry Swindon Festival 2018 is now available. Click on the image to get full sized version. ​For full details of all events, visit the Poetry Swindon website.
Poetry Swindon Events
Poetry Swindon meets regulary at the Richard Jefferies Museum, at least monthly, for a writing session plus an open mic. We also offer a weekly day-time writing session with poet Bethan Rees for well-being and creativity. Our Battered Moons Poetry Competition is now open. We also welcome you to become a member and help us continue the work we do in the community as well as for local poets, bringing great poetry to Swindon. You also recieve 15% off events and be in our annual anthology published at Christmas. To become a member, click the button below and click on the TICKET link on our Eventbrite page.
Our regular events include Write Poetry (Monday evenings), Poetry in the Sitting Room (Monday evenings), Write Away (Monday mornings), and special events, such as workshops with Martyn Crucifix (March) and Bob Walton (April), our Garden Party (June), and of course the festival itself. Watch this space as more events are added.
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