Money, money, money...
The museum is run on a voluntary basis, with no regular income from anyone else. Below are some of the ways we raise money, but if you want to know how it is spent, or see more of the wonderful (and practical) things we do with it, please do  get in touch and we can arrange for you to come and visit to see it for yourself.
We have a couple of collection boxes around the museum and we appreciate every penny that goes into them! We also find that people are very generous when they purchase things and often take a 'keep the change' attitude. Howevere, it is very difficult to express just what 'voluntary' means - the costs need to be met for everything. Forget about what we do in terms of events, and think about the costs of displays, furniture, repairs or garden equipment. We have to pay bills too, like everyone else, not only electricty, gas and water, but also insurance for the building, the collections and the people! And let's not even mention money for bin liners, teabags, washing-up liquid, toilet paper... And all of this has to happen before paying anyone!

You can also help us financially in a very direct way, through our Supporters of the Richard Jefferies Museum scheme.

To become a Supporter, you simply need to donate at least £10 per year, all of which will go directly to the costs of
the museum, and you will be invited to
our annual Supporters barbeque party.

We also have a junior Foxie Friends scheme for £5 per year, with under 12s receiving one of our ribboned medals, a copy of the Bevis game that can be seen in the attic.

If you are a wealthier, and very generous, individual, we have the most exquisite hand-crafted pens to give as a thank you. For gifts to the museum of £1000 or more, you will be presented with the lovely, platinum and gunmetal-plated ballpoint pen, and for £5000, the magnificent fountain pen with rhodium plated mechanism, finished in gold highlights, and with two-tone iridium-tipped nib. Both pens come in their own boxes and are made by local artisan Simon Webb with mulberry wood from the tree in the museum garden.  
We occasionally get help from local companies or organisations. For example, Thames Water are very generous when they come for volunteer days, contributing funds towards materials etc.. We have also received funding from organisations such as: Swindon 175 to help towards the development of our 'Outdoor Classroom', Phoenix Rotary Club towards our railway halt, Artswords for literary development, Wickes for garden materials, and Midcounties Co-operative for children's library furniture. If your organisation can help in any way, or have a scheme that we can apply to, please do get in touch.  
Grant Funding
The bulk of our external funding comes from grants, particularly Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund. Though we have had smaller grants from organisations like Swindon Borough Council, and a scheme called 'Smalll Grant; Big Difference'. Writing grant applications is a very hard thing to do, and extremely time consuming, especially as you sometimes hear the disappointing news that, despite your efforts, you are not successful! If you think you can help us with grant applications, please do get in touch.